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*The 2 thumbnail photos at the end are the before pics

I think I'm just about done with the cosmetic mods...maybe some Tech Spec snake skin tank pads (although I like the matte color on the tank too much to cover it right now).

TST Elite1 Fender Eliminator
Aftermarket front and rear signals (not sure of brand - they were on the bike at the time of purchase) Anybody know what brand they are?
Vortex shorty levers
RhinoMoto Bar Ends with sliders
CRG Hindsight Lanersplitter mirrors
Evotech Radiator Guard
I may be missing something...

Next Mods:
Sprint Filter
Air Box Mod (cutting down the snorkel)
Vcyclenut ECU Flash/Tune

New Tires: Road5's or Bridgestone Battlax Racing R11 or Pirelli Angel ST (RECOMMENDATIONS WELCOMED!)
New Chain (Gold DID 520)

I ride the street at 30/30 psi and she's nice and sticky. Just adjusted the chain slack to 1.2". Next step is to get this soft suspension tweaked. Any help on this (front forks & rear sag) is much appreciated. I'm 5"11 / 155lbs.

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