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As a consumer and a Yamaha fan and consumer, I am pulling for you motorazr

* I'm certain that the lack of parts support in the U.S. if not the entire world for the 2021 models must be at least partially due to Covid related supply chain issues ...

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I worked for several motorcycle dealerships in my younger days and felt that I had a good idea of what to expect. Cynical as I am, I still didn't anticipate the levels of resistance and incompetence that I've run into. Going into it, my thinking was that a Yamaha dealer would be unlikely to willingly take on a minor warranty issue, all the more so when parts are hard to get and even the clutch cover gasket alone might not be available. What I did was:
  • Test ride two other 2021 MT-09's at a Yamaha demo event to verify that the clutches are smooth on other '21 MT-09's.
  • Track down someone at Yamaha who might take an interest - I was able to reach out to Yamaha's Technical Service Manager covering my region.
  • Step two was to track down a clutch cover gasket (new for 2021). There was ONE in the entire United States and I got it shipped to the dealer that Yamaha's TSM recommended to me.
  • That recommended dealer STILL didn't want to deal with my warranty issue so I emailed that same Yamaha TSM who never replied.
  • I called Yamaha Motor Corp Customer Service and was told they don't want to get between me and a dealer (all of whom they trust to act professionally).
  • After confirming the clutch judder issue, the recommended dealership finally agreed to look into the problem when I reminded them that they already had the gasket needed (as if I didn't tell THREE staff members about the ordered gasket).
  • The dealership warned me that if they don't find something to file a warranty claim on, I'll be out-of-pocket for $145 for a "clutch inspection fee".
  • After two weeks, the dealership Service Manager apologized for all the delays and miscommunication and promised to make my experience better going forward.
  • Two business days later, I called to find that Service Manager had disappeared on a vacation that he never mentioned.
  • Having done everything I can to make my problem impossible to ignore, after three weeks without a bike I'm still waiting for some word on the issue.
50/50 chance that my issue won't get resolved and I'll have to either attempt to fix it myself, or just dump the bike as lemon and move on to a different model entirely. Ask yourself; "If I have a warranty problem with my new bike, will Yamaha Motor Corp take care of me? Will a different brand?" I don't think a typical consumer has much of a chance. The standard business model is "try to make most customers happy most of the time".
Hey, I’m new here. I had similar issues and thought I share.

my bike is obviously MT 09 2021, at 16,7km atm.

1 day I noticed slight constant vibration (like you had electric toothbrush in mouth - very irritating) on engine that’s felt all over the body (foot, handlebar, legs near tank) when going up on revs, especially over 3000 - changed 0:1 in 1 day.
Same with engine breaking with addiction to strange noise like a wheel was touching something that slowing it down (clutch basket?). I checked chain adjustment, cantered wheel … nothing changes. Rear Tire was changed to DR 4 about 2 000 km back - no issues before.
I then brought my bike to Yamaha service and…

…according to Yamaha service, clutch basket is the issue. Burned plates. They send me some pictures of it. I may attach it here if anyone is interested. They won’t do it under warranty. I send an email to Yamaha and after it they gave me 40% discount on parts.
My bike stayed there for over 2 weeks, I’m about to go there soon to see if that helped and solved the issues.

Edit: I got my bike back after Yamaha replaced clutch package. The problem still exists, maybe a bit less noticeable …
I had a chance to ride 4k km SP version (with akrap, so I couldn’t here any noises apart from exhaus). The vibrations are there as well but def. less noticeable. Yama mechanic rode the same 2 bikes, they claim it’s allright in both bikes… I guess I need to get use to it :/

Motorazar how’s your case?

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How did that happen? Burned plate is due to chronic clutch slipping.
Either user technique or clutch adjustment is too tight or clutch spring (s) has partially failed.

Sure, post pics
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