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For Sale - Abloy Lock and Abus Chain

Used once. $200 + Free Shipping (Continental US Only). Paypal.

If a thief can bust through this, they deserve your bike.

ABUS Hardened Alloy Chain (0.47" x 6')

Constructed from a hardened special steel alloy with a yellow zinc plating for maximum physical strength and corrosion resistance. Great for securing large items such as a motorcycle or boat trailer (especially when combined with an ABUS Wall/Floor Anchor). Features a nylon sleeve to prevent scratching paint, chrome, or other delicate surfaces. Available in 2', 6', and 10' lengths and diameters ranging from 6mm to 14mm (1/4" to 0.55"). ABUS chain uses a hexagonal construction making it harder to attack with bolt cutters and easier to fit in padlocks. All ABUS chains now come with 'through-link' ends which means one of the chain can be inserted through the other allowing for use with padlocks with less clearance for such a wide chain (frequently shrouded locks).

Abloy Protec2 PL 342 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Abloy's PL 342 padlock is a hardened steel body shrouded padlock with a case hardened boron steel shackle and raised shoulders for extended shackle protection. It is a rekeyable padlock that can be rekeyed both at time or order and at a later date if required. Useful in many high security padlock installs, with extreme attack resistance. The hardened steel body resists drilling and grinding attacks while the hardened boron steel shackle is even more resistant to cutting and grinding. The raised shoulders of the PL 342 make the padlock virtually impregnable against attack by cutting and prying tools. Below are the technical details (exact measurements given in mm):

• Grade 4 Padlock
• Hardened Steel Body
• Case Hardened Boron Steel Shackle
• Raised shoulders to shroud shackle from attack
• 3" (75.7mm) tall body
• 2 and 1/4" (57mm) wide body
• 1" (25mm) thick body
• 3/8" (10mm) thick shackle
• 1" (25mm) wide shackle clearance
• 1" (25mm) tall shackle clearance


Abloy padlocks are some of the strongest padlocks in the world. Abloy features a wide range of padlocks from brass to hardened steel including raised shoulders for maximum resistance to physical attacks. Their unique surface treatments guarantee corrosion resistance on both the outside and inside of the lock. Abloy padlocks are some of the most reliable padlocks in the world, and are highly resistant to wear, dirt, moisture, corrosion and freezing. Unlike most padlocks, Abloy padlocks do not contain springs or parts which could jam. This has made the Abloy padlock the choice of many governments and organizations around the world. Abloy padlocks are key retaining meaning the key cannot be removed when the padlock is unlocked. If you definitely need this feature please contact us, we do have a hybrid padlock solution that solves this problem. It is strongly suggested you use the standard Abloy padlocks.


Abloy is one of the most reputable high security lock manufacturers in the world. Abloy is based out of Finland and their current top of the line lock system is the Abloy Protec/Protec2 system. The Abloy Protec system came out in 2001 and features a unique rotating disk based system with a disk blocking anti pick system that is unique to them. It is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). It is well respected as one of the top of the line high security locks in the world. It has one of the largest key spaces of any high security system with over 2 billion possible keys. Virtually all Abloy locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. The Abloy Protec2 was introduced in December of 2012 and it makes some refinements to the Abloy Protec system. The primary features include minor additional drill resistance, harder to copy keys with an interactive element and an extended patent through 2031. To order locks in the Protec2 system select “Protec 2 Elite” under key profile on the product options. For more details please see our Abloy Brand Information page.
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