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I know, I know, Should have bought a pitbull stand...
What I really wanted is a center stand, so I'm making the best of it.

Anyway - for anyone who did as I did and bought that cheap $40 stand at Cycle gear and it is not lifting your spoolies properly, here is how to fix the situation before it bends your spoolies off.

P.S. - Don't admit that you got one!!! least you get shot down in flames by the pitbull Messerschmitt.
Curse you red baron

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Joint Water Nepenthes Plant Fluid

I like to use WD40 as the coolant when hacksawing, it stops the blade from getting too hot, which tempers the teeth and softens the blade. Use it when you stop for break or the cut has stopped smoking.

Product Tire Pipe Lock Metal

Auto part Tire Automotive tire Wheel Technology

I still want my centerstand.
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