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This is a misc. info area for maint. stuff on the FZ 09. If you would like to have stuff added to this thread, PM me with the info and I will add it in, as this thread will be locked. For discussion of any of the Maint. item stuff or the tools that are needed to work on the bike, please visit the "Discussion Thread" (Maint. Jobs and Info Tread.........Discussion thread.) and talk about it there. I'll start it out with info that I've acquired so far, front of the bike to the back.

Disclaimer and Warning........
Over the past several years, since this info became available, via the Yamaha Service Manual, there have been questions regarding the accuracy of the recommended TORQUE values for both the REAR AXLE NUT and the OIL DRAIN PLUG. Many folks think that those given numbers are too high, and some have experienced issues (stripped threads) when using the numbers that Yamaha has given for TORQUE values on those components.

Another issue involves the DRIVE CHAIN SLACK recommended numbers. Many folks set the CHAIN SLACK looser than the numbers given by Yamaha, so again, use common sense when making these adjustments.

Front Wheel Info:
Tire size is 120/70/17 Air pressure varies for different tire choices
Axle wrench = 14mm Allen wrench.....Tightening torque....47 Ft. Lbs
Caliper wrench = 12mm socket.......Tightening torque....25 Ft. Lbs
Pinch bolt = 6mm Allen wrench.....Tightening torque....17 Ft. Lbs
Triple Tree type lift Pin Size = 20mm

Front Fork Info: Wrench size to adjust Preload settings.....14mm socket with extensions
Fork Oil:
Quantity (left): 15.96 oz.
Quantity (right): 15.48 oz
Level (left): 147mm
Level (right):148mm
Upper fork bracket pinch bolt...19 Ft. Lbs
Lower fork bracket pinch bolt...17 Ft. Lbs
Fork Cap....17 Ft. Lbs
Fork Travel: 5.4" (137.16mm)

Coolant System: Coolant Reservoir Capacity.... (.26 qts)
Coolant Drain Bolt.....Tightening torque.... 7.2 Ft. Lbs Socket size...???
Radiator Capacity (including all routes)...... 2.04 qts
Coolant Recommendation: High quality ethylene glycol anti-freeze
containing corrosion inhibitors for Aluminum engines.

Oil Change Info: 2.85 qts required for oil change when a new filter is used.
Yamaha filter # 5GH-13440-50-00 Tightening torque....12 Ft. Lbs
Drain plug wrench = 17mm socket.....Tightening torque....31 Ft. Lbs
10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, 20W-40, 20W-50
API service SG Type or higher, JASO standard MA

Spark Plug Info: 3 required (obviously) NGK...CPR9EA9
Spark Plug gap..... .031 - .035 inches
Tightening torque..... 9.4 Ft. Lbs

Front......16 tooth
Rear......45 tooth
Chain......525 Amount of slack in chain while on the sidestand.... .2-.59 inches.
Chain adjuster bolts/lock nut wrench..... xxmm Tighening torque....12 Ft. Lbs.
NOTE: Slack greater than 25mm May Cause Damage to your bike
Number of links.....110

Battery Info: Size is YTZ10S.....12volt.....8.6 A.H.

Brake Info: DOT 4 Fluid only
Spiegler Brake Line....Spiegler recommends following the manufacturers torque settings.........but,.....do NOT torque the Spiegler lines (Banjo bolts) over a setting of 14.75 Ft. Lbs.

Brake and Clutch Lever Compatibility:
Brake lever: Fits '06~'12 FJR1300, 06~'13 FZ1, '11~'12 FZ8, '04~'09 FZ6, '09~'13 FZ6R, '14 FZ-09
Clutch lever: Fits '04~'13 R1, '05~'13 R6, '09~'13 VMAX, '14 FZ-09

Rear Wheel Info:
Tire size is.....180/55/17 Air pressure varies for different tire choices
Axle wrench = 1 1/16 inch socket (27mm socket) Tightening torque.....108 Ft Lbs
Chain adjustment bolts/lock nut..........see chain and sprocket section.
Swingarm spools for rear stands....6mm thread size.

Rear Shock Info:
Rear shock center to center mounting distance: 13"
Upper mounting bolt torque: 32 Ft Lbs
Lower mounting bolt torque: 32 Ft Lbs
Rear Suspension Travel: 5.1" (129.54mm)

Misc. Engine Info
Cam Chain Tensioner:
Original Part # 1RC-12210-02-00
New Part # 1RC-12210-03-00 (approx. date 1/24/2014)

Aux Power Plug in Right Faux Air Scoop
The website for purchasing the Male connector for plugging into the 2A Aux. power plug in the Faux Air Scoop is..... Motorcycle Terminals, Connectors, and Wiring Accessories
The part number is... MT090-2. You can buy just the male connector (the one that's needed to plug into the existing one on the bike) or you can buy a female connector....or you can buy a male and female complete set. They come in Black or White. Minimum order value is $5

Turn Signal Connectors
Turn signal connectors can be purchased here....Yamaha NT-040 Motorcycle Turn Signal Connectors Same place as above and has a minimum order amount.

2014 Cam Shaft Specs: Courtesy of Marthy
Since I just got done with my valve inspection, I figured I could take few more minutes and get some valuable numbers. Specs @ 1mm (0.040") lift.

Intake Open: 10 deg BTDC
Intake Close: 45 deg ABDC
Duration: 235 deg

Exhaust Open: 35 deg BBDC
Exhaust Close: 6 deg ATDC
Duration: 221 deg

Overlap: 16 deg
Lobe Separation: 106 deg
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