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Hey guys,

I figured others might be interested in reading about my install of the MC Cruise control.
After doing a quick search here, it looks like a few of you have it but there weren't many threads.

I purchased my unit directly from MC Cruise in February this year.
It had been sitting on my kitchen counter all these months while I worked up the courage to install it. :LOL:

This would be my first time removing this bike's fuel tank. And I have to say, now that I've removed it, it's one of the easiest tanks I've ever removed. I don't know how I feel yet about these quick connect fuel lines/clips all made from plastic... But I got that off in a second, which was neat. No tools. (y)


The install/wiring is fairly straight forward, and to echo some of the other reviews, the instructions are incredibly detailed.

The unit itself is quite small, and it tucks into the rear trunk which will require you to move your tool kit. (I never had one.)


Here's a shot with all the pieces off the bike you'll need to remove:
You can also see the complete wiring loom on the mat.



You begin by removing the TPS connection, and completely de-pinning the wires.
I made sure to make some pictures of the wire order, just in-case something goes wrong, and you'll need to put it back the way you found it.



The provided harness from MC Cruise splices/intercepts the TPS wiring from these wires, and retains the stock plug.
You'll be doing the same procedure for the brakes, which will tie into the lamp circuit so either front or rear brake will trigger the CC to stop. This connection is located down around the center of the bike, below the front of the seat.

There are 3 more connections you must make, clutch switch, ECU Speed sensor, and tach signal from a coil.

The scariest part was carefully de-pinning the speed sensor wire from the ECU harness.
Once the clips securing the pins in the plug are released every wire could potentially be pulled out.
So carefully pull the speed sensor wire out, attach to the MC cruise harness, and then replace the pin with the appropriate one from the other side of the MC cruise loom:


For getting to the ignition coils, I found it best to just break loose the radiator and lean it forward to give you some room to get your hands in there from the front of the bike.



You remove the coil plug, de-pin the trigger wire, and splice just like the other connection.
Will look something like this:


The clutch safety switch is a simple plug and play splice connection as well.
After that, you're basically finished. Just ensure your levers aren't messed up like mine were!

Here's where I got into a few issues:
  • My aftermarket clutch lever did not make proper contact with the clutch safety switch.
    So the sensor test wouldn’t pass. I needed to fix this and get a proper lever.
  • The cruise control when going on the maiden voyage seemed to surge a little. Like hunting to maintain the set speed.
  • The cruise control would not engage at any speed over 55-60mph
Excellent customer service:

Tony and Frank at MC Cruise replied to my questions almost immediately about any questions I had.
To resolve my issues, I needed to change a couple parameters in the settings and together we solved the issue.
10/10 customer service!

All in all, this mod is absolutely incredible.
If you've ever dicked around with a clamp-on throttle thing... you'll probably know all the constant adjustment it needed, especially if you hit bumps, went down or up hill. No more.
You set this thing at the speed you want, and you can finally relax your right hand for a while.

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Agreed, their instructions are INCREDIBLY detailed and they have built the wiring harness so everything is essentially plug and play. If someone can follow instructions, like building a plastic model car kit (but with VERY clear written instructions and photos) then they could do this install.
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