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Matt paint care n maint

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For washing and polishing my 18, new to me MT09. Thanks
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I've just washed and dried the matt on mine, it' still in great condition except where the first owner dinged it and where I slightly scratched it. But the bike hasn't had daily use and lives in a garage.
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What did you use for soap Lou?
Something kind on my skin mostly.

Seriously though, I spray on stuff called CT18 to loosen dirt, give it a blast with a pressure washer, then wash with Megiuars Gold car wash.
I'm a bit over the top with keeping our vehicles sparkly. But I'm retired, what else do I do? The house and garden are all up to scratch and my wife won't let me have a girlfriend.
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I hate that sticker but it's still on there because I don't know how to get it off without ruining the paint
I don't know if it's the same there, but our appliance repair people have a safe sticker removal fluid for painted and stainless appliances.
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