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Matt paint care n maint

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For washing and polishing my 18, new to me MT09. Thanks
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For washing and polishing my 18, new to me MT09. Thanks
I liked a couple White 17s but it’s back n black…. Miles n modes were the tipping point.
glass cleaner and white paper towels worked best for me…… Windex …… Matt paint sucks
Seems I’m learning that. I really like the mostly black bike, matt wasn’t my first preference but the low miles and mods, I’ll figure it out with help.
I've got a matte grey FZ, and I just avoid soaps with wax or other 'shine' improving qualities. Matte finishes just naturally get shinier over time due to the nature of it.
Thanks for the reply. The po did give me a Matt soap(meticulous matt), and Jett seal that looks like a once a year sealant. Small bottles highly concentrated.
Drying ok with Terry towels?
I've just washed and dried the matt on mine, it' still in great condition except where the first owner dinged it and where I slightly scratched it. But the bike hasn't had daily use and lives in a garage.
What did you use for soap Lou?
1 - 5 of 15 Posts