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This might be useful to get warranty work. IMHO

To better track the CCT problems it would be useful to get a log going of the bikes that are getting changed.

The Forum already has a 4 digit vin listing. If this tread kept to data mostly then it may be incorporated into the master member vin listing.
That is something I personally would like to see as to which serial numbers are problematic or is it wide spread.

give your 4 digit vin number (last 4 digits) and date changed. maybe the revision number if know.

example of a simple post

CCT changed under warranty

date: 5/2/14

vin number: 0122

CCT Revision if known: 03

if your vin number is not on the vin list, include,
color and city & state : (ie. graphite, Oroville, CA

if you have not had the CCT changed, there is no need to leave a comment or enter a post about the noise
of if you had done the screw and nut fix.

Let's keep it short and to the point if we can. Thanks

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CCT changed on 3/22/14....warranty coverage.....revision 03
VIN = 0143
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