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Let's see the list of mods everyone has, update as life progresses. Mine:

Updated -- August, 2017 @ 8049 miles
  • Swapped to the Rapid Red 2014 color scheme in July 2016
  • XSR Slipper Clutch conversion August 2017
  • ECU flash with well developed custom tune using kit by FTECU
  • QuickShifter for the tuned ECU
  • Seat Concepts GP Kit on stock seat pan - Seat Concepts
  • Andreani forks with both 8.8N/mm and 8.3N/mm fork springs, Maxima 3WT Compression Side, Maxima 7WT Rebound Side
  • Woodcraft Shark Guard angle milled to mount perpendicular in swingarm
  • Vortex Fuel Cap
  • Tech Spec Tank Pads
  • Spiegler SS front brake lines (Buell Clubman spec, ti ends)
  • Spiegler SS rear brake lines (slightly longer, ti ends)
  • EBC front pads EPFA252HH
  • EBC front and rear V-Rotors with Ti hardware
  • ZX-10R triple clicker rear shock/spring (2008-2010) - eBay
  • Low Profile Oil Drain Plug ENP2516
  • Arrow full exhaust 71620MI Collector and 71812AO Silencer with stainless endcap -
  • ASV C-5 levers - (BRC541-SS brake lever and CRC540-SS clutch)
  • EK ThreeD 520 chain
  • 520 Supersprox rear sprocket 46T with aluminum nuts
  • 520 AFAM front sprocket 16T
  • Chinese Magazi mirrors and Chinese chain adjusters
  • Rizoma tail light kit with BikeMaster clear tail light used instead of the tinted Rizona
  • Rizoma turn signal adapter plates and connector kits
  • BikeMaster 8 LED turn signal lights pn 266265 rear
  • CNC Racing LED turn signal lights - The Bomb - front
  • LED Relay - Custom LED
  • LED headlight cheek markers - JTech
  • Graves fender eliminator - eBay
  • Graves front sprocket cover - Solomoto
  • Graves blockoffs - Solomoto
  • Yamaha Steel Mesh Air Intake Kit - eBay
  • Pyramid Flyscreen - Red
  • Pyramid Radiator Side Covers - Red
  • Ohlins Steering Stabilizer
  • Dimotiv DMV Steering Damper Mounting Kit, anodizing stripped, all Ti hardware - eBay
  • T-Rex Swingarm Spools, LH and RH Case Guards
  • OES Frame Sliders lower only and cut shorter as one was just too long - eBay
  • Valter Moto Type 1.5 Rearsets, all Ti hardware
  • Buell Clubman bars
  • LED projector headlight, lowered assembly one inch
  • Lowered and centered the stock dash (aluminum plate made by Thrstrmech)
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SP tires
  • Shorai LFX19A4-BS12 Battery

... picture is old now, perhaps soon I will update it as well.


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two months today since I bought it:
-Rizoma Dynamic knockoff mirrors
-Shindy Daytona front master cylinder
-Rizoma drag bars
-Rizoma tail light, modified with BikeMasters mini LED light
-On point Performance front and rear brake fluid reservoirs
-Buell Traction grips
-Speed Metal bar ends
-Speed Metal Arrow tip turn signals
-Venhill SS brake lines
-homemade dash panel w/slight angle
-homemade tail tidy w/modified stock tail
-Madhornets shorty levers
-OES frame/axle sliders
-Speed Bleeder nipples
-Pyramid flyscreen

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Gee, mine's going to be boring. After modding my last bike incessantly, this one is staying pretty close to stock. I'm only doing the necessities. As below

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Bought new in Feb 2015.

Updated -- March, 2018 @ 40,3xx miles

-CNC Rearsets (Blue)
-CNC Steering Stabilizer (Blue)
-Second Fork Cartridge in the left fork (Full rebuild on both forks, new seals, etc + 15wt oil)
-ScottOiler vSystem Chain Oiler
-520 SuperLite RS7 Sprockets + EK ThreeD Chain (Black/Gold) @ 18K miles
-RAM Mount Magnetic Plate + Uniden DFR6 Radar Detector
-12v and USB wired into AUX connector
-Hepco & Becker C-Bow Mounts
-Hepco & Becker Royster Saddle Bags


12000 miles as of October 2015:
-Puig Sport Screen > Traded 3rdGear for the Puig Sport Touring
-Ohlins ZX-10 Shock @ 500mi
-Trex Frame Sliders
-Sonic Springs 1.0kg & 10wt fork oil @ 3500mi
-GPR Slip-on @ 5500mi
-K&N Air Filter @ 6000mi
-Vcyclenut ECU Flash @ 7000mi
-Tail Bag @ 7500mi
-Kevxtx O2 Controller @ 10K mi
-SuperLite 520 Steel Sprockets w/ EK x-ring chain @ 11.5K mi

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Bought new April 2014 now @ 8000 miles
-Akrapovic carbon exhaust
-Ohlin's shock
-Andreani Fork Cartridges
-Graves block off plates
-Vcyclenut ecu flash
-Galfer brake lines
-OES frame slider kit
-Mad Stad fly screen
-Kevs O2 controller
-Mad hornets levers
-Hyper lights
-Seat concepts 2up seat
-Pro Grips 717
-Trippage led head light
-BMC air filter
-Stomp Grips
-Tank Slapper
-Yoshimira fender eliminator
-Bike master bar end mirrors
-Trippage front Led turn signals
-Metzler m7rr sport tec tires front and back

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Bought Aug. 2015 @ 950 miles stock

-Full GPR Exhaust
-PC5 with o2 optimizer
-K&N air filter
-Modded airbox
-T rex case sliders
-Yosh fender elim
-Galfer SS front lines
-"NOhlins" sticker :)
-RSC stunt clutch
-Tech spec tank pads
-ZX6R shock
-Graves smog block off kit

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M4 slip on
Spiegler lines front and rear
Woodcraft frame sliders
Woodcraft Axle sliders
Woodcraft case savers
Motodynamics tail light
Graves Fender eliminator
Watsen Design front LED signals
Trippage LED rear pegs. W/ brake , running and turn LED's
Trippage LED headlight
Sargent seat
Stoltec Rear brake res relocate kit
Penske Double clicker/ Stoltec spec
GPR fork kit /Stoltec installed
Ivans ECU flash
Nelson Riggs Tail bag

Im sure there is more, there is always more...

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You know, just the other day I was thinking of this very subject. It gave me pause because I couldn't remember what I've done. It was a good exercise.

Stoltec-spec goodies:
1. GP Suspension 25 mm fork cartridges
2. Penske 8987 shock
3. GPR Steering Stabilizer
4. Woodcraft Case Savers
5. Woodcraft Frame Sliders
6. Woodcraft Axle Sliders
7. Woodcraft Rear Sets (replaced the Gilles)
8. Woodcraft Clip On adapter kit
9. Custom machined Vibranator bar ends
10. Stoltec Rear Brake Reservoir Relocation Kit
11. Spiegler brake lines
12. Tech Spec tank grips
13. ECU flash w/ QS
14. Relocated lithium battery

Off the Shelf parts
1. Galfer wave rotors
2. Galfer pads
3. R6 master cylinder
4. LSL brake reservoir
5. ASV levers
6. CRG bar end mirrors
7. Woodcraft brake lever protector
8. LED headlight
9. Custom LED tail light
10. Yosh fender eliminator
11. Akrapovic Carbon exhaust
12. Quickshifter
13. 90 degree valve stems
14. 12V power port
15. CNC Bomb turn signals
16. Rewired marker lights as turn signals
17. Graves block off plates
18. Valter Moto Gas cap
19. MANY sets of Q3's
20. Suter slipper clutch

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1: M4 Slip-On
2: Woodcraft Clip On adapter kit
4: Spiegler front brake lines
5: Galfer rear brake line (4" longer than stock)
6: R1 Front brake master cylinder (2010)
7: Andereani fork cartridges
8: ZX10R rear shock (2008)
9: Valter Moto Type 1.5 Adjustable Rearsets
10: Vortex gas cap
11: HRC rear brake reservoir kit
12: Speed Bleeders
13: SuperbrightLED LED headlight
14: R6 steering damper with Dimotiv DMV Steering Damper Mounting Kit
15: Custom LED Blaster-X tail light
16: Graves block off plates
17: Bar end mirrors
18: 90 degree valve stems
19: CRG RC2 shorty brake & clutch levers
20: LighTech Integrated LED Turn Signal
21: Stoltec ECU flash
22: K&N air filter
23: eBay fender eliminator
24: OES frame slider kit
25: Ermax 25cm sport wind screen
26: GYTR Black With Silver Radiator Guard
27: Seat Concepts seat cover and pad
28: EBC front brakes FA252HH

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OK, I'll be the one to say it - this thread is useless without pictures...
Look at our profiles and click on photo albums.
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Want to see my K&N air filter?

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thanks, if you go with the bars, roll them upward slightly for clearance of the switch housing...have about a 1/2" when it's in full lock position. Motivationusa.com $93 and the fluid reservoirs from here STUNT/RACE BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR - $29.99 : On-Point Performance, Motorcycle Stunt and Performance Parts $29.99 made the bracket for the rear and used a washer on the lower mount of the master cylinder. it's the same thickness as the bracket material. didn't want to make the bracket like Stoltec's, also the drain point of the reservoirs are in the center, bottom rather than 90* out. they come with bracket and hose as well.

and you may want to replace the clutch cable with one from an FJ...ordered one last weekend and need to pick it up today from RideNow Peoria

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Vagabond Fender Elim
Oxford Eyeshot Blinkers (front and rear)
Plasti Dip Front Fender & side guards
Shorty Clutch and brake levers
Painted stock bars Black
Shogun Frame Sliders and Spools
(thats it so far)

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-full racetech suspension
-akra carbon-bazzaz zfi w/qs+tc
-woodcraft adapter plate
-crg blindsight mirror
-woodcraft front brake lever guard
-valter moto 1.5 rearsets
-woodcraft frame sliders
-woodcraft front axle sliders
-woodcraft rear spools
-superlite 520 sprockets +4 rear
-rk race chain
-graves front sprocket cover
-anodized black forks
-ebc race pads
-core moto steel brake lines
-pazzo shorty levers
-fabbri gen x flyscreen
-rizoma tail light
-psr black passenger pegs
-motion pro helmet lock
-renthal firm compound sport grips
-t-rex engine sliders
-dunlop q3 tires
-driven black gas cap
-stomp grip clear
-gpr v4 stabilizer
-light tech fork adjusters
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