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Since there are no topics in the Canadian section so far. I thought I'd start a list of good online Canadian sites I have found for 09 after-market parts and riding gear. I know there are lots of great sites out there, but you don't get ding exchange, duty, brokerages fee's or extra charges if you shop North of the 49th.

Some great sites I have used for the 09:

Motostarz Canada - Premium Motorcycle Parts & Accessories. - out of BC, they have a great selection of 09 farkles, free shipping on larger orders.

- is no longer, closed the Canada website a few months back.

Motorcycle Innovations - http://www.motorcycleinnovations.ca/category_s/2575.htm - Carries some stuff for the FZ/MT-09 & FJ-09/Tracer 900, Tenere 700.

http://fortnine.ca - Montreal & Calgary warehouse, great site for motorcycle gear, free shipping on orders over $49. (But have never seen an order leave the Calgary Warehouse??? lol)

Some local Calgary shops carry a good selection and are great to deal with.

http://www.gwcycleworld.com/ - the best place in Calgary for motorcycle gear and accessories

林肯平台-林肯平台 - very small local shop, great for leather gloves and leather or boot repairs

So if you have found any great Canadian site, please let us hear about them.

Blue Streak Racing - recommended by veebooster

LeatherUp.ca: Motorcycle Gear, Biker Apparel and Leather clothing - another one with good prices

Canada's #1 Choice For Motorcycle Tires, Parts, Helmets & Apparel - Pete's Superbike - recommended by doozerdave, CaperRR & blkbrd, located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

http://www.elkasuspension.com/fz092015/ - recommended by DooTraxx, located in Boucherville, Quebec

Corsa Meccanica | Motorcycles, Parts, Accessories, Apparel - recommended by Evol, located in Vaughan, Ontario

http://gpbikes.com/ - recommended by Evol, located in Whitby, Ontario

http://www.baysideperformance.ca/ - recommended by Evol, located in Vancouver, BC

http://www.watsendesign.com/ - recommended by veebooster & CaperRR, Calgary, Alberta lol

And if you are looking for a Service Manual, check any BobbyB post, he has a link to download a searchable PDF manual. http://www.fz09.org/forum/32-yamaha...ce-manual-pdf-download-link-4.html#post164808

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I just wanted to post my experience with Motostarz. I'm located in the lower mainland so I could have drove to there location but I chose to order online as I'm about an hour drive. I had a good experience, I ordered on a Wednesday and received my order the following Tuesday. With the Canadian Dollar as bad as it is right now they were close to the same price as ordering from Revzilla but I didn't have to go through the hassle of picking it up in Washington or having it shipped direct and risk paying brokerage and duties.

I'd recommend.
I have found that motostar.ca usually beats twisted throttle on pricing by a few bucks and they ship a lot faster as well. They also seem to keep adding new products for the 09 on a regular basis. They recently added more exhaust system choices and suspension upgrades. Definitely a site to keep you eye on.

But always double check motostarz.ca price against Twistedthrottle.ca, as sometime one site will have a better price over the other.
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Are there any good retailers on the street for stuff like LED indicators and the like? I know I can order online but would like to go into a store if possible. Surely there must be someone near Toronto selling this sort of stuff out of a store?
I did a quick search online and came up with these guys out of Woodbridge, Ontario. They have some LED's listed on Kijiji and the web site states:

We Have Many More Items In Store and Have Many More Items To Add!

Daytona Motor Sport - Motorcycle Accessories Retail - Toronto, Ont - Motorcycle Accessories and Gear - Daytona Motor Sport - Toronto, Onatario

Daytona Motor Sports
Retail Store Front
4000 Steeles Ave W, Unit 12
Vaughan, Ont L4L 1V9
Near: Weston Rd and Steeles Ave
Telephone: 905-605-7666
Fall Hours
Please Call For Current Off Season Hours

Monday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

They might be worth checking out if you happen to be in the area???

I know around here all the bike shops can order in just about anything, but they don't stock much or nothing at all.

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Awesome thread!

I can vouch for petes-superbike.com
I was there today, he moved the shop again (now located in the front of the building, instead of the back). Nice staff and the prices are amazing!

Should be added to the list as well.
Thanks, I updated the list, fortnine.ca use to be Canadamotorcycle.com, which I have ordered stuff from and they are great to deal with. They have also opened a new Calgary warehouse along with their Montreal warehouse. When stuff goes on sale, you can really get some great deals.
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