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Decided to go check out highway 94 here in SoCal, it literally follows the border fence at times. My buddy on his 883 sporty and me on the O-Niner went on a quick 2.5 hour long ride down one of the most amazing roads I've ever been on from Otay Lake to Campo, Ca. It's not particularly long but it's through the mountains and it's newly paved, all you have to do is look out for the hundreds of border patrol vehicles. The ROUTE takes you along the border past Telcate (where they make the beer) to campo through the high desert. I plan to go down there again, only this time I will bring my go pro so I can share the adventure.


Almost no traffic.
Newly paved.
All kinds of corners (sweeping, tight, fast, slow, etc)
Perfect weather
Amazing bike

Now I get to review the 09 with my repairs and mods

The new lower tire pressure gave me a ton of grip even with the stock Dunlops.

I now trust the bike again with the new suspension upgrades, I had it a little on the soft side, but it made it pleasant. I'm not a really fast rider, but I now have a good sense of what this motorcycle is capable of.

The new Seat Concepts seat is amazing, lots of grip and plenty of comfort with the new foam. It's almost too grippy.

The bike stayed cool with the new radiator and I could see plenty with the new RH mirror.

The tech spec tank grips made it easier to control the bike and added a lot of security while braking and accelerating.

All in all I am off to a good start with this build!

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Transport

At the turn around in Campo... Aka the middle of the high desert.

Yes I realize there are trees...it's called irrigation :)
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