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morning, bike showed up last Thursday. Looks great in the gray.
I'll be laying into it shortly with a whole bunch of electrics going in (gps, radar wiring, heated grips, and HID's).
Speaking of HID's who's installed them on this bike? how do you like the light, is it spread evenly? does it blind on coming traffic?
I have a H4 55W system ready to go in, but would like some feed back.

pics at the bottom of the write up: https://thetenerist.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/new-bike-new-post-yamaha-fz-07/

I'll be updating the thread/or writing a new one on the subject of:
Matrix cartridges (in the mail)
Stock muffler mod (need to pull off and see if the same mod can be done as on the fz09 muffler)
Rear suspension mod (I have a few shocks kicking around that may fit. If all else fails, i'll be dropping some $$ on a Yacugar 2 way comp, rebound, manual preload adj)

Stay tuned
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