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I am a new rider but am going through proper training courses
It's the determination that places you in the choice of suggestions of wasting money buying junk bikes, or save that money for the dream bike, or stick with the nightmare leaking in the garage making a decision on some of the suggestions.

and normally I pick things up fairly quickly and I feel that I am very cautious.
That sold me. In 15 minutes you'll be acclimated to any bike you're on. The quick learn is already at the school and what to look for. Yeah, are we hand/eye coordinated as to being settled in to the moves? Come on, don't lie. You be lying down on your back in bed, counting shifts like playing air guitar, right? I think you're ready, you can't wait.

and am pretty set on buying one for next season
Lucky you. All that anticipation, the many visits to the dealer just for entertainment. The hard choice is coming down to the wire. Make no mistake, some can ride and some need to be weened in. I do not see the OP needing a little wet bike weening. It's all about the head game and the confidence game.
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