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Holy crap!

I was able to get the bike out last night for first time. Took it around the block few times then son and I rode into town to return a redbox movie. Headed down the highway for couple miles then back to pick up my wife for more. End up putting around 15 miles last night. Not much, but given the crappy weather up here, it was good just to get out.

Going to take it to GameStop tonight to pick up Titanfall. This is our last day of good weather(high 50's). Tomorrow....4-6 inches of snow again and sub single digit temps.

Maybe put another 15 on it tonight.

Need to adjust clutch as its release point is quite far for my liking.

I was surprised at how different the bike behaved between A and B mode.

Cant wait for warm weather to start getting to know the bike fully.

Peace out!
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