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How would we feel about an electric MT-09? What about electric bikes in general?

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Hello friends, I'd like to see what we think about electric motorcycles and the possibility of an electric FZ09.

I think about this because I have notoriety at work for being the one who rides in on his bike and they were joking about my boss entered a drawing at a Vegas convention to win one of these Zero Motorcycles (for me to ride on for our IT onsite stuff.) Jokes aside I thought about it and...

I personally don't like the idea. Part of the joy of motorcycles for me is working on them and customizing them to our hearts content. In a way, we imbue our bikes with our own individuality and you'll be hard pressed to find two that are exactly the same. I look at this electric bike and I don't really see much to it, you know? Of course that could just be me, but those are my thoughts. I just love working on my 09 every weekend and feel content knowing it's being well taken care of by me.
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Not for me. As far as I have seen, EV's are commuters only, the rigmarole for long distance travel is not my idea of fun.
And, being a cynical old sod, if car manufacturers are all jumping on the bandwagon, what's in it for them? Could it be the much higher churn rate in vehicles that will be unusable/unsaleable in 10 - 15 years?
I thought about the idea of a hybrid motorcycle. It sounds appealing buut.... not sure..

As for car manufacturersI think right now they're doing the ol razzle dazzle with the brand new fancy electric car to get everyone comfortable to the idea of them. then they'll introduce the subscription model into cars. I think Tesla does that already.
Cool to see so many thoughts on the matter.

I love my 09, and can't imagine not having a gas engine in it.(my truck though, go ahead and throw an electric engine in that, the mileage is horrible enough as it is) but Yeah the electric motorcycles are very stale to me. An electric enduro for camping might be a fun little toy though. and the recharging stations, I've actually never seen one where I am. I guess they're that few and far between in AZ?
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