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Hot Knees

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My left knee cooks when outdoor temp goes above 80deg. Particularly when wearing jeans, not as bad in leathers. Motor temp is normal. Anyone else have this issue or do I have a defective kne?
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I stay mostly on hwys but when I get in town I definitely feel the heat on my knees with jeans.
Im a bit worried about my knee position on this bike. With my GSXR my knees were squeezing the side of the tank. With the 09 i seem to be right below the side of the tank pretty much where the frame is. So, yes...its a bit warm on my knee (thats what she said)
I seem to get it on the clutch. That little heat shield is worthless

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On my VFR the tank is indented to accept the knees very comfortably. I liked this as it helped fine adjustments in steering the bike. Can't do that on the FZ. I think someone posted here to use knees to control sliding on the seat during braking. Good luck with that, no way can I keep my knees on the bike full time. If I have to squeeze knees during braking only then it's one more thing to think about.
I normally ride with my legs and hips. I dont actively squeeze really, just hold on with my thighs and legs. Allows for more control
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