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I've had heated grips on many bikes, some were BMW's with the factory grips, and some were aftermarket additions. When I got my first pair of heated gloves, about 10 years ago, I said; " Man, I can't believe I've been riding 25 years before I bought these!" I've just now purchased a new pair and I find them light years better than my previous ones. I mention this because some members were mentioning adding heated grips. Heated gloves provide more complete coverage, and they can be used on more bike providing one adds the requisite connections. For cooler weather, I find heated grips are adequate, but when it gets really cold, I prefer heated gloves. I noticed that I my finger tips (due to lack of contact with the heat source) get too cold using heated grips. Full disclosure: I'm a tester for a heated glove manufacturer, that is why no brand names are mentioned. This is my opinion based on commuting and riding year round.
What gloves did you get?
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