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On my current bike - I've got heating elements under my grips. 2 temp. They are great, finger tips do get a little cold on highway on those near freezing days.

A local gear company recently came out with a battery powered heated glove. They look pretty slick.

The Velocity VR-Pro Heated Motorcycle Gloves are now in stock and for sale. For those of you who tried them and were blown away at the Motorcycle Supershow thanks for your purchase. The feedback was phenomenal and my claim that these are the best and safest heated Motorcycle gloves in the world still holds true. If you find a better pair than these I will give them to you for free. Please shop around the market and look at all the gerbings, powerlet, warmnsafe brands and dare to compare.

$300 MSRP. We accept Cash, EMT, Visa and Mastercard. (Cash price includes taxes). By appointment only so please call or email before you drop by.

The Heated VR-Pro Gloves also known as VR-PRO-H Gloves use Infra-Red heat to guarantee warm hands in the coldest of riding days. Three LED temperature settings, 7 layer construction, Completely waterproof , TPU knuckles and finger protectors, Super Fabric Scaphoid and palm sliders, built in face-shield squeegee on thumb, Water resistant Cowhide Leather plus an inner wtareproof membrane, Kevlar Thread stitching and plus many more features make this Battery operated glove the most unique and exclusive heated Motorcycle glove in the world.

Constructed from 1mm water resistant cowhide leather
Stitched with Kevlar Thread through out
TPU Knuckles and finger protectors
7 Layer construction (Leather, Foam Padding, Heat Trap layer, Water Proof membrane, Thinsulate, Carbon Fibre Heating pad, inner liner)
LED temperature control button with 3 settings
3.5 hours of continuous portable heat in high, 5 - 6 hrs in medium and 7-8 hrs in the lowest setting.
5 minute warm up mode and auto switch to medium setting to conserve power
Built in face shield squeegee
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (recharges in 2 hours)
PU mould wrist/battery protector
Super Fabric Palm slider and Schaphoid protector
Pre-Curved Fingers
Gauntlet style designed to go over jacket cuffs.
Infra-red Heat guaranteed never to heat up excessively and burn through
1 Year Exchange Warranty on manufacturing defects.
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