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Have you ever seen chain damage like this?

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Hello fellow FZ/MT riders, I was adjusting my chain and noticed one of the rollers has a section missing... what's strange is the part of the roller that remains rotates freely on the pin, and snugly, just like the ones that aren't damaged. In other words it's not bent or stretched out of shape, it just has a section missing. Have you ever seen a chain with this sort of wear/damage? BTW, the chain and sprockets have about 17k miles on them.

Just ordered another chain/sprockets, but I have a ride planned for tomorrow. What I don't know is how compromised the strength of the chain may be, and I realize different people have different tolerances for risk, but would you ride the bike with the chain in this condition?

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Apparently, the roller has had a fatigue failure.
I wonder if it being adjacent to the master link has had any impact on why this happened.
Because the load is being spread over many teeth, even if that roller fails completely, you should make it home.
Replacement is best.
I was wondering the same thing... perhaps the master link rivets were pressed too tightly. I'd image this could cause the adjacent link to pinch the roller and the increased friction cause it to fatigue. And yeah, new chain & sprox on the way.
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17,000 miles on a chain is a bunch.
I've had lots of time to ride... put this chain on last August. I'm ok with the mileage, just unfortunate it gave up right before a planned ride with some friends.
Been using DID chains for some time now.
I definitely would recommend them to anyone else. Very good stuff.
Great minds... I have a D.I.D. vx3 on the way.
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The inside of the links look dry polished as well.
Dry or alignment issue on top??
Yeah, I tried DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant on this chain exclusively during it's life. I've noticed polishing on the rear sprocket as well, no sharks teeth, but polishing. I think I'll go back to Motul. The alignment has been checked regularly.
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I don't really care about the mess chain lube creates, but I do care about chain breakage, which happened to me once, back in the stone age. Currently using the suzuki chain lube as it has MoS2 in it. But anything that has molybdenum disulfide in it is good. It is a dry lubricant.
Some brake pads use it too... wait, what??
Wow, that abstract & article about MoS2 and the reaction to Cu and Fe is pretty dense reading. It appears solid lubricants keep brake pads from deforming and ultimately breaking apart. At least that's what it sorta sounds like... I'm not a scientist, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express. :)
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