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Handle bar recall 4.7.2017

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Yamaha has recalled certain-model 2015-2017 FJ-09, FZ-09, and XSR900 motorcycles because a painting issue and the inadequate application of the thread-locking agent that may cause the lower handlebar holder to loosen.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcement states, “If the handlebars are not properly secured to the motorcycle, a loss of vehicle control may result, increasing the risk of a crash.”

The recall affects 22,433 units in all manufactured between Aug. 01, 2013 and Jan. 31, 2017. The Vehicle Identification Number ranges are as follows:

VIN Range 1 : Begin : JYARN33E0EA000014 End : JYARN33EXGA012044 Not sequential
VIN Range 2 : Begin : JYARN33Y0EA000024 End : JYARN33YXGA003340 Not sequential
VIN Range 3 : Begin : JYARN37E0FA000008 End : JYARN37EXHA003582 Not sequential
VIN Range 4 : Begin : JYARN37Y0FA000018 End : JYARN37YXHA001180 Not sequential
VIN Range 5 : Begin : JYARN47E0GA000002 End : JYARN47EXHA001840 Not sequential
VIN Range 6 : Begin : JYARN47Y0GA000009 End : JYARN53YXHA000306 Not sequential
The Safety Recall Report states:

“In affected motorcycles, the lower handlebar holder may have been painted improperly during manufacturing. Additionally, the stud bolt threads of the lower handlebar holder may not have had adequate thread-locking agent applied. As a result, if a strong external impact is applied to the handlebar, the paint on the bottom of the lower handlebar holder may be damaged. Over time, the paint can wear off, creating clearance that allows the stud bolt to loosen due to engine vibration. If the stud loosens or falls off, the handlebar holder may come loose from the handle crown, causing loss of control that could result in a crash with injury or death.”

Yamaha will notify owners, and dealers will replace the lower handlebar holder, free of charge. All affected units will be modified at no cost to the consumer regardless of warranty status. The recall is expected to begin in April 2017. Owners may contact Yamaha customer service at 1-800-962-7926. Yamaha’s number for this recall is 990114.

The NHTSA Campaign Number is 17V221000. Owners may also contact the Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.
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Already covered.
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Same here but I'm so picky, I don't want them touching my bike. The XSR on the showroom floor didn't even have the top handlebar clamps tightened down evenly.
I hope you know they're not supposed to be tightened down "evenly", right? They should look like this:

Bicycle part Product Vehicle Carbon Spoke
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What if i cant take my bike to the dealership? what should i do? put some loctite in the bolt thread?
Just be aware of your handlebar being tight to the top triple clamp. Every now and then you can check the 14mm nuts under the triple clamp for tightness, especially if you drop the bike. There's really only a .0001% chance there will ever be an issue, and it wouldn't be a catastrophic failure anyway - just a gradual loosening of the handlebar assembly that you would probably notice just pushing your bike in the driveway...

But if you ever get a chance to get to a dealer (any dealer) and get the fix done, it will help your resale value...
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They all use the same clamps. Even the 2017 FZ, which is funny because the instrument pod isn't even attached to the left handlbar clamp. There's just a screw filling up the threaded hole. (Looks like it would make a nice place to mount accessories, though...)
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