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wtf? You just leave us here, mid corner. Great 👍 riding dude!
Can we get more pics and info ?
What are your settings to get front tire up like you do?
I can’t seem to wheelie it, it won’t let me. I haven’t experimented much with it in that sense. My clutch ups got cock-blocked the times I tried.
The front wheel comes up way too easy with LIF off. I’ve noticed if you turn on LIF to 1 in the settings it will hold the wheelie for you and makes it hard to loop the bike.

Literally all I do with LIF 1 is cruise from 25-40 MPH and then you want to pin the throttle. I like to give the handlebars a small pull to get it up easier. Don’t be scared to hold it because trust me it’s not gonna bring you up and over, when you get used to that feeling you can pretty much get it to balance point almost and from there you can drag them out to however fast you want. For example, My front wheel can be at 10 o clock and I’ll be full throttle in 2nd gear, the bike just holds the same angle no matter what, unless I hit a nasty bump or something.

When you quickshift from 1st to 2nd just be pronounced with the shift because if you hit neutral you’ll slam the forks. The bad thing is with this method you can only start your wheelie in 1st gear, and maybe 2nd gear if you come over the crest of a hill. I can clutch up up to 5th gear but these little cheater wheelies are fun and I don’t have the skill to get it as high as I do with LIF 1.
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