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As some of you may have discovered, there is a new section in the Garage area, and within the Common Problems/Issues Area. Thanks to member 1duckyboy for suggesting it and helping to make it happen. Thanks to NickJ for doing the actual install of the section. This is the place to come for any information that we may have available concerning the FZ09 and any recalls or service bulletins that affect it. Eolith should be along shortly to populate it with some info. Until that time, I'm going to Lock the thread and then when he is done, he can unlock it.

ATTENTION.....Please Read This........
This thread does not need to be and will not turn into a discussion thread for how to fix an item that may be a recall or S.B. It also is not the place to complain about the CCT and how many times you've tried to fix it or "Hey, my headlight just went out". The purpose of this thread is to share info on items that Yamaha has decided to either issue a Service Bulletin or a Recall.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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