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Givi V46 Monokey Topcase with Accessories

Up for sale here is a Givi Monokey Topcase, with several accessories.
Case is in fine working order. Its seen some use, so its not "as new" visually, but I'd put it at an 8/10.

You will be getting;
Givi V46 Topcase - normal retail $280
Givi V46 Monokey Top Case - RevZilla
Givi E95S Backrest - normal retail $70
Givi E95S Backrest Pad for E52 and V46 Top Cases - RevZilla
Admore V46 Light Kit - normal retail $69
V46 Top Case - LED Kit (TM)
Givi M3 Monokey Topcase Mounting Plate - normal retail $60
Givi M3 Monokey Top Case Mounting Plate For F Series Top Case Racks - RevZilla
Total normal retail - $479

All you will need to get this case and rack mounted is some hardware to mount the M3 plate to your stock flat luggage rack. Depending on your OEM setup will depend on the hardware you will need. I had it mounted to a vstrom using just a couple of nuts and bolts.

This case can hold (2) helmets. I can also fit (1) helmet and my jacket in if I am just riding solo.
Also makes a hellofa backrest for the Mrs. with the backrest cushion in place.
The lighting kit is installed on the topcase, but you will need to procure the harness that hooks up from the bike to the topcase. Unfortunately it wasn't removed from my last bike when I traded it in! Harness is available from Admore direct and some other resellers.
M3 Plate is not pictured, but is included.

Price is $275 shipped to you in the lower 48
Paypal gift or you cover the fees.

PM me with any questions or for more pics if needed


20150116_173511 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173532 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173543 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173554 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173612 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173620 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173628 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173645 by Phil B2, on Flickr

20150116_173657 by Phil B2, on Flickr
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