Spent the evening making this. 1/8" 5052 Aluminum. 5052 bends cold and resists vibration cracking. It centers the gauge and pushes it further away for easier key access. Never powder coated it because I ultimately realized that I enjoy the quirky location of the stock setup, so it's scrap metal to me. Beats an evening of watching TV anyway, I think.

Yours for the taking if you'll pay $10 to cover shipping, or I'll swap you even for a stock left-hand mirror.

Grommets not included. I need still em and you already have some 😂
Wood Finger Automotive tire Gas Composite material

Bolts on here.
Automotive tire Crankset Motor vehicle Bicycle tire Bicycle frame

Bicycle Hood Automotive tire Bicycle handlebar Motor vehicle

Reuses original hardware. Just gotta flip the gauge wiring harness to the other side of the throttle cables and it's plenty long.