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FZ07 Sport tourer- Tracer 700 is here!

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As per the spy pics, a FZ07 sports tourer has been launched and its probably coming here too. Now, next step is the ADV machine..good times!

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if your used to riding big fast bikes then obviously your going to find it slow.
but for those of us who riden bikes back in the 70's that would've been classed as a supper bike!
for me it wont make any difference seeing that I already ride a supposedly slow bike nc700 auto.
the only difference between these 2 bikes in terms of power the tr 7 has 70 or so bhp compared to 52bhp of the NC.
torque are the same 50 at 6500 rpm the nc comes in a little lower.
so I'm not sure what to expect.
I ride 2 up all the time me and my wife.
so I dont ride fast these days ..if I want a bit of fun I'll go up to 80mph.
I know it may not sound much but if you've been riding around 50/60mph most of the day 80mph does seem fast.
I like to enjoy the scenery and so does my wife.
we're not in a rush to go anywhere .
on country roads there are to many hazards ,horse,pushbike..since we had the tour de france here the buggers are every.
not only that country roads tend to be narrow barely 2 cars can pass let alone caravan ,horse box's.
we want to get home in one piece.later I will post some pictures up of our rides just give you guys an idea of our country side.john
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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