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2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Marthy Exhaust Installation​

Congratulation on your new Marthy Exhaust. Installation of your new exhaust kit is very easy. Here's are the tools that you need to perform the task.

3/8" ratchet Hacksaw with a good blade
3" 3/8" extension Ruler or tape measure
12 mm Deep socket 1/2 moon file
masking tape 1" 12 mm wrench

Before starting your installation and looking at your parts, you will notice the 2 spring hooks. If you prefer using those instead of the hook clamp you should slip the collector over the headers and bring the hook an springs to a welder. 1/4" preload on the springs is sufficient. Hooks and collector are 304 stainless steel.

1. First step is to remove your exhaust system from your motorcycle. Start by removing the 2 x 8 mm bolts (12 mm socket) on each side of the bike that hold the big can in place. Then remove the 6 nuts from the headers flange. Don't forget to disconnect and remove your O2 sensor.

2. Using masking or electrical tape, mark your cutting line. 3/8" to 1/2" from the weld should be good. You need to keep the primary pipe as long as possible and make sure you cut all the weld so the tubes are free of weld. Look around in each 3 spaces and cut to leave as much material as possible.

3. Once step 2 is done you will end up with something like this on the picture. Using a file, remove all burs and sharp edges.

4. Slipping the collector over the tube can be a little tricky. Wedge 3 flat medium size screw driver between the tube. Doing so in the first 1" of the tube will be better since the collector will cover the scratches if any. If you are using the 1 3/8" clamp to hold the collector in place, slide it over the lower tube with the hook toward the collector. With the help of the screw drivers, spread the tube and slip the collector over the tube. Do 2 tube first, doesn't matter witch one. Then once the first 2 tube are started line up the 3rd one with the other screw driver and punch the collector all the way in. Using a towel on the ground will avoid scratching your headers.

5. Once the collector on the headers you can go ahead and install the headers on your motorcycle. Make sure the exhaust gaskets stays in place. Few drip of high temp silicone will hold them in place. You can also install your O2 sensor and attach the 2 springs.

6. You can now pre assembly your slip-on and mid pipe with the exhaust clamp in place. Leave everything snug only. That will permit you to adjust the slip-on to the perfect location. Use the 2 long bolts that support the OEM exhaust. Pry the little tab on your stock exhaust to remove the nuts.

7. Install the provided support bracket (short end goes on the bike) When this is all done you can install your mid pipe, slip-on assembly.

8. Aim the slip-on so it doesn't interfere with the swing arm, rear set or tire going up and down with the mid-pipe and rotating the slip-on should give you plenty of room for a perfect fit. There's some room too on the mid pipe, doesn't have to go all the way in. Install the slip-on strap with the other long bolt. There's a white protecting film that you need to peel off on the exhaust strap.

9. Go over all the hardware and make sure everything is all nice and tight. Double check for exhaust leak between the headers and engine.
Do not over tight the exhaust clamp.

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