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This thread is for sharing any custom FZ-09 art that you come up with.

Here is a few I did in Photoshop recently.

Stock exhaust Painted Matte Black.. if you do, I suggest you look at VHT Flameproof Paint.

VHT Paint

VHT FlameProof? Coating

Stock Exhaust with Short Carbon Belly pan

Stock Exhaust with Large Belly

Akropovic Exhaust

QD Exhaust

Dual Sport

Single Side Swing Arm / Marchesini's / Brembo


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I found this on the Adventure Rider Forum-----pretty neat.
It is PHOTOSHOP and nothing more but pretty neat just the same.
Yamaha could get several variations from the FZ-09 platform and I would love to see some of the stuff they might be planning.


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