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Selling my small tank bag that I got from twisted throttle a few months ago. It costs $99 new
SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Micro Tankbag for SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK Mounting System - TwistedThrottle.com

This little bage is Awesome! The perfect solution for the limited storage on the FZ...I would carry my paperwork, wallet, ez pass, and a few other items on every ride. You WILL need the the gas cap ring adapter (which is $40 on twisted throttle)...but then you can swap out other sized bags for different trips if you like. The quick lock mechanism is actually really neat, and works great. This is a small bag, and does not interfere with the looks of the bike, IMO...it basically lived on my bike. It's in great condition, I just don't have my bike anymore. The 1st fair offer gets it...I'll ship USPS flat rate: $11.80

Obviously it's already set up for the FZ...which is a rear biased tank ring position...when installed the bag comes to the front of the tank, bot does not interfere with the bars. You can always readjust if you want...but I think the position is perfect. Sorry no pics of it installed.
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