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Not an FZ-09...but, like all good projects, this one is coming to a close in anticipation of the next one. You'd be hard pressed to find a better set up FZ-10 out there, and I'm going to miss this bike a lot. Maybe I'll pick one up for my personal use down the road.

This is a tall order, but posting the bike for sale in the as-is condition. More than likely, it'll get parted out to make the sale easier. But, IF you're in the market...have a look!

Title is clean, clear, and in-hand. No accidents, never down. Except for two tip overs which the Woodcraft crash protection absorbed. Mileage is creeping up as it's ridden. Approaching 11k miles. Lots of pictures in the links (below), on our Facebook and Instagram pages, etc. More can be provided upon request.


  1. Penske 8987 Shock
  2. GP Suspension 25 mm cartridge kit (Stoltec-tuned)
  3. Complete Second set of wheels - Carrozzeria
  4. Galfer Wave Rotors on the Carrorzzerias
  5. 520 chain conversion kit w/ 1+ chain link and SuperSprox front/rear lightweight sprockets
  6. Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  7. Galfer 1375 Brake Pads
  8. R1 Nissin radial master cylinder retrofit
  9. ASV levers
  10. Woodcraft Frame Sliders
  11. Woodcraft Engine Protectors
  12. Woodcraft Axle Sliders
  13. Woodcraft Swingarm Spools
  14. Woodcraft Rearsets
  15. FT-ECU bike harness
  16. FT-ECU Autoblipper
  17. FT-ECU Active Tune
  18. Stoltec Custom Mapping
  19. R1 Titanium Header
  20. R1M Calipers
  21. R1 Shock linkage
  22. Yoshimura Fender Eliminator
  23. Custom LED Integrated Tail Light
  24. Vagabond top case rack
  25. Mirror Extenders
  26. Oxford Heated Grips
  27. Givi Windscreen
  28. RAM Mount
  29. Yamaha Comfort Seat
Asking price is $13,999 as it sits now $8,999 back to stock (but stock includes the stainless steel brake lines, upgraded brake pads, 520 chain conversion kit, and reflashed ECU.

Road or track, this bike is a ripper!


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2,476 Posts
It'll look great next to a Versys. Did I mention existing customers get priority pricing?

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Nick, I would love to get this from you ,but I'm gearing up for a trip south in a month or 2 and wont be gainfully employed again until spring....not a good time to spend money...whoever gets it though will be getting a one of a kind bike that has been built with pride and skill.
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