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I signed up for the Tripage LED group buy a while back but never sent my passenger pegs in.

I've decided i'm going to remove the passenger pegs for regular riding so I will not need the custom led's after all.

Tripage has allowed me to transfer my credits to someone else on the forum.

If your interested in the custom pegs at group buy pricing you can paypal me what I paid for and I will instruct the Tripage folks who to give my credits to.

fz09 LED Rear Passenger Pegs*
- LED's: 6 - per peg all facing rear
- Rear Facing LED's: Amber

$47.95 (includes shipping and group buy discount)

and you still have to send your pegs in to get modded.

I'm pretty sure you can change the color of the LED's if you like. My original intent was to use them as additional signal indicators.

PM me if interested.

Thanks for reading.
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