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I purchased the kit the day i purchased my bike... Kinda jumped the gun and before i even received it i changed my mind and purchased a different integrated tail light assembly so I'm selling this Lupus tail light. I went ahead and put it together with a basically brand new tail light. It had 60 miles on it when i removed it from the bike and the installation of the lupus lights were flawless.

Best part is you get to keep your stock tail light in tact for if you ever sell your bike, And don't have to worry about the deposit.

Selling for $130 shipped in the US so you're getting it for $5 less and getting a free tail light. If paying paypal, then you could be a nice guy and send as a gift :) but i understand if you want to be safe and send it as a normal transaction.

If interested please PM me for paypal info, or so we can meet up. Automotive lighting Light Headlamp Bumper Auto part
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