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A recurring pesky back problem which has afflicted me for years, and more so as I age disgracefully, has stopped me from using the bike much since I acquired it three weeks ago, but today I attempted a decent outing.

I left home fairly early today as the weather outlook was so nice on this mid-spring day, and the ride to Bribie Island north of Brisbane was uneventful, covering 101.3km on the clock. The entire round trip was a little over 200km - which made it worthwhile going out! Bribie Island is one of a few sand islands off the Queensland coast and the only offshore island connected to the mainland by bridge. It's mainly National Park, and what remains is very pleasant and a haven for holiday-makers and retirees from the chill southern states, who can indulge in boating on the sheltered waters of the Pumicestone Passage (or out to sea onto the South Pacific if so inclined), golf, bowls, beach-walking along golden sands, and other genteel pastimes.

It was windy but a warm high 20s deg C as I rode up the congested heavy-truck laden M1 Motorway, and the bike tended to get blown around a bit; I put this down to the light weight of rider (85kg) plus bike, and the relatively short wheelbase of the MT. I noted a slight jerkiness about the throttle in STD mode, as I had on earlier Tracers I'd owned, but not enough to be a worry, although the throttle-hand did need concentration. The new GIVI screen worked well, and overall the MT now has 458km on the odometer now - getting there towards the first service!

Finding the stock seat pretty uncomfortable on my earlier very short outings, this time I wore compression shorts with padding in the bum area, and after the first 100km, at which I was off the bike for about 30 minutes, I felt fine, but it caught up with me on the way home and I was squirming around a bit by the time I rode into the garage at 201.5km for the day. I've been toying with the idea of a BAGSTER seat, but on reflection and looking at pix of them (I have also had three BAGSTER seats on past bikes) there is quite a 'hump' or 'rise' between the pillion seat and the rider's seat. This extra two or three inches height would make it tricky for me to mount and dismount without gyrations and gymnastics - so I'll need to think about that. No point spending >$500 for a comfy ride if I cannot get on the bike!

And I found that my knees intruded quite some way onto the sides of the tank, and as I don't want the paintwork there to be worn by my rather coarse fabric riding jeans I'll need to put some sort of protection there.

This is definitely no touring machine - nor is it intended to be, unlike the excellent Tracers/ GT. I reckon that a 200km or thereabouts day will do me on this stock seat!

A pleasant morning's outing on a beautiful day, with a balmy breeze and smooth-as-silk sea conditions, and the short outing reinforcing what an excellent little bike this MT-09 SP is.

Some pix on Bribie Island follow: in the last pic you may just make out some conical hills in the far distance to the north of the Island (just left of the greenery). These were first spotted by James Cook in 1770 as he sailed north along the Queensland coast following his historic arrival in Botany Bay, with the first-ever Europeans to set foot on this hitherto unexplored Terra Australis. He named the hills the Glasshouse Mountains: they are actually remnants of ancient volcanoes, but he thought them reminiscent of the glass-houses (glass-making factory structures) of his native Yorkshire. Because of the fertile once-volcanic soil the area here around is a prolific source of pineapples and strawberries and other tropical fruits for both the local and interstate markets..



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