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One of my neighbors runs a small tint business and after stopping by and talking to him about the possibility of making me a small clear section for the tank out of the clear bra stuff he uses he said he could do it. I was very happy with the outcome as you can see in the photo it is virtually invisible. Think of this as a invisashield for the iPhone for your tank. The material is self healing as if your zipper or button puts a mark in it, it will flatten back out if left in the sun for a short time. This stuff is pretty cool, see the link for information below. The install is simple as you just spray some water with a few drops of baby shampoo on the tank and back side of the film and position where you like a squeegee out the water. Took him 30 seconds to put on my bike

I talked him into doing this at his cost as I have no idea if this would be something that anyone would want. Some may want the Pro Grip carbon look that has been my go to for years, and others may want the full wrap around rubber pads look manufactured by others.

The cost should be $10 via paypal shipped. Keep in mind this material is expensive and the machine that it is cut with cots $15,000 and the software that runs it is $175 a month. He is not making anything.

Let me know if anyone would be interested in this and I will ask him to cut some more, I think it was cool and even had the front of my car done after I saw how resilient it was.

PM me for more info.

Info link for material



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