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I lucked out recently and found a sweet deal on some new AGV Corsa helmets, so I purchased (2) of them. Problem is one of them came in a size too small. I'm XL and they sent me a L. Rather then send it back I figured I could hook someone up on here with it.

Its brand new, never worn or used. Original packaging etc.. AGV Corsa 'Winter Test' helmet size Large. This is the line of helmets Rossi helped to develop with AGV a while back. Quality is top shelf. Brand new these were going for $900 plus, today you can get them for around $800. I got an even better deal at $600. So you can have it for my cost $600+shipping.

Here are some pics of it, (not actual helmet). I don't want to take it out of the box. It comes with a clear visor.

The other helmet i received is the same model but with the Tortuga graphics. I haven't used it yet since I'm on the fence about the graphics. I'm actually waiting to see if AGV releases a Corsa with Misano graphics.

PM if interested.
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