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I have upgraded to the Sena 20S intercom system for my bikes and I am selling my Autocom Active Rider system and a Kenwood UBZ LH14 FRS radio with the Autocom cord.

Everything is in good condition and everything works. The system includes the following:

* Active Rider Intercom system (12VDC needed for operation)
* 2 Headset/Microphone units
* 1 Extension cord for extra length for passenger headset
* 2 Mounting clamps for putting the headset/mike onto your helmets
* 1 2.5mm to 3.5mm cord approx. 6' long....never used
* Original owner/instruction manual that came with the set
* Kenwood UBZ LH14 FRS radio with the cord to hook up to the Autocom for FRS bike to bike comm.
* Original owners manual for the Kenwood radio

The radio needs to be sold with the Autocom system and I'm asking $125 for EVERYTHING.

PM me here if interested.......I'm located in the Knoxville, TN area and this could be picked up locally if you are close.

Pictured is everything that comes with the system......I did find the Kenwood manual after I took the picture, so it's included too.
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