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Exhaust outlet

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Hi all,

I've taken my exhaust off to clean, looked inside the exhaust port and mind my ignorance but is the internal part supposed to look like that, its seems as though that stem in there has some discolouration. I was wondering what that part is called and if it should look like the way it does. bike has 30k kilometers on the clock. All answers much appreciated! Thank you.


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Perfectly normal with lead free fuel. That's what happens when you have high exhaust Temps, the nox residue colors it that lovely shade.
Yep, normal.
Imma start my reply with....

I like big Exhaust Outlets and I cannot lie...

That being said, let's think about this for a second. Just like me, you sound like a non mech dude. There are high ass ( pun intended ) temps going through there, just like when you eat a Carolina Reaper. Metal... well, everything has a melting point.... but everything also has a deformation point... You see a hot girl... you gonna start deforming... you see a HOT ASS girl... you gonna melt. Only experience will tell you what level of HOT ASS causes what.

So, you looking at your exhaust and trying to figure out WTF... if you don't have experience, you won't know. Asking the internet, such a random question, you're gonna get NON CONCLUSIVE answers since most of us DON'T dive into DAT ASS so deep.... ( rethinking life choices now ).

In all seriousness now, I've never seen this type of question on the forums about our bike... So I'd like to understand what you are really trying to ask here.

Sorry for the joking... NOT SORRY! LOL. hope y'all smiled.
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