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It's here! The once annual GPR steering stabilizer sale!

Just like when your wife shakes hers, your bike shakes it’s head right before trouble finds you. The FZ-09 is known for it’s light steering, and its short wheelbase and strong power delivery further reduce weight on the front tire. If you’ve every crested a hill or bump in the road rapidly on your -09, you’re aware how easily the front end goes airborne. Adding a steering stabilizer won’t calm your local law enforcement officer, but it will quell those unnerving wiggles. GPR’s adjustable v4 stabilizer allows you to fine tune the damping to suit your changing needs and road conditions. The term ‘on rails’ takes on new meaning…


  • 20 click adjustable v4 damper
  • Replacement black anodized bar risers: relocates bars 19 mm higher and 10 mm forward
  • Fully bolt-on. Does not require cutting, welding, or any frame modifications!
  • Available in 4 color combinations
  • Like all parts sold by Stoltec Moto, GPR products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
Special pricing will be extended now through the end of the year. Contact us for details!

14+ FZ-09 GPR v4 Steering Stabilizer Kit | StoltecMoto
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