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Many threads opinions here for aftermarket exhausts and whether to have ecu flashed or not. I just wanted to add my own bike to the mix 馃榿.
My bike is a stock 2016 xsr900. I love the whine of the bike but of course there are no pops and no low rumble. I am not after a performance upgrade as this bike is plenty. All I am after is unleashing some of that sound and pops on the overrun.
I am not based in US and guys in my country will just f*** things up and therefore if its not neccessary to flash ecu I won't.
I have not yet purchased an aftermarket exhaust as there are some many options but I am opting for a cheaper option as oppose to Akrapovic.
Any advice would be helpful.

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Thanks for feedback. I guess it will probably run lean or rich and not as smooth as it can?
Many of us have been on this forum for a long time so this is not the place to validate what you want to hear.
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