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About a year and a half ago, while testing my new Vcyclenut reflash, I spotted someone on an orange 09 at an intersection in my neighborhood. We pulled over and introduced ourselves----"nice to meet you, my name is Les"--------- "same here my friend, I'm Orlando". I then blurted out that "I'm Shamrock on the FZ-09 forum"------
"hey I'm Ponente" and it seemed as though we had been beer drinkin buddies for at least ten years.
We went riding the next day and then did a bunch more for almost a year. We included sobe in our little gang and really enjoyed the whole thing until the day Ponente sold his house and moved away. I was crushed, mainly because he and his wife had become such great friends.
The good news was that he had bought a house near Turtletown Tennessee which just happens to be in an area that I ride several times each year.
Last April we rode over to his place for a visit and then last week we convinced him to take a day off and come riding with us since he had only taken one short ride since moving there. Orlando is a good rider but had zero mountain experience so we took it easy, watched him observe and improve over the day. By the end of the day he was awestruck at the beauty of the whole thing. The mountains, the views, the small communities and the roads, especially the roads. I kept telling him that this was his neighborhood now and I think he finally realized he truly is now in a whole new world with some really good riding buddies.


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