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Since everyone nowadays including your grandpa has a gopro, why not use the mounts to attach devices on your tank?

what i fabricated uses simple parts you can get from hardware store and any store that sells gopro mounts/ accessories.

Remove the north-most center bolt on gas tank filler, insert a small spacer washer you can find in a hardware store.
Also buy a hex head 5mm x 80 or 90mm long bolt.
cut the hand knob of the go pro mount. the bolt will go in this knob so you can hand tighten the bolt, allowing to slightly loosen to turn the mount when filling up gas.

I used a otterbox holster and used the go pro mount underneath it. You can mount nearly anything that you can stick the go pro mount in. This was on my FZ07 but will work on a fz09

Please note, you are responsible for whatever you mount on your bike and make sure it doesnt break off, lose it etc.
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