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I have a Mustard Bikes tail tidy so I was limited to using smaller sized side bags. I measured the distance between the rear peg and repositioned rear signals. Luckily the unused MotoGear bags that I already had on a shelf just fit this space. I did not purchase ANY of the available side bag/pannier mounts because they all appeared that they would not work with my tail tidy, so I made my own mounts to fit this space and my bags.

Basically I used four of these stainless straps - two per side (and you'll need to drill out 4 total holes, 1 each where it mounts to the bike to M8, the size of the OEM bolts) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QJ9HSK2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1:

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and I used a sheet of 3/16" thick ABS (smooth one side, pebbled finish on the other), and pretty much traced the outline of the bags onto cardboard pieces before cutting these from the ABS. Then I mounted the ABS to the straps and after adding some additional D-rings for added securement, I mounted the bags to the ABS (in addition to the main straps which secure under the seat).

Note: I also have mounted the Ventura rack system, which includes spacers to position their "L" mounts on each side just below the seat. So this makes it simple to bolt on these straps without having to worry about clearance issues of these straps and the bikes side panels below the seat. So you'll likely need 3/4" or so spacers as well so that the straps clear the bodywork.

So far it's been holding up well, though I mostly store layered clothing inside to minimize the weight carried. These minimally sized bags along my Ventura 22L top bag provides more than enough room for day or overnight trips, and will cost you far less than any aftermarket pannier mounts.

I also had 1" thick grommets on hand, and decided I wanted to move the ABS mounts further away from the bike, to better clear the chain guard and the brake caliper.
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D-rings added for additional securement:
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