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I just bought my '22 MT-09 this past week and today I installed a radiator guard. Should have been a super simple install, but I think I royally effed up!

First, those plastic rivets are absolute trash. after finally discovering the light touch required to remove one, I still had to destroy one. Should have been smooth sailing from there.

After mounting my radiator guard, I put back in the bolts BEFORE mounting the brackets and both sides. FFFFFFFFFFFF---. I definitely over-threaded the top two bolts and I'm afraid of how much damage I did to my radiator. After realizing my mistake, I removed the bolts and mounted the brackets before putting the bolts back in (correctly this time).

Is my radiator destroyed beyond repair? How should I assess the damage? Is it safe to ride? Should I check for leaks after running the engine for few minutes? Should I monitor the temperature while idling and/or riding?

I feel like such an idiot!


View attachment 173792

Here's a diagram of the radiator and bracket. I basically put in the bolts (26) directly to the radiator (1) without mounting the bracket(s) (22) first. I'd say I over-threaded the bolts by 1/4 or 1/3 of an inch (the same thickness of the bracket where the bolts are applied.
I had to remove the radiator guard that I installed on my 09 because it was restricting airflow and I did not like the high temperatures I was seeing on hot days. Try a mud flap on the front fender if you can find one.
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