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There’s an auxiliary plug on the RH side behind the fuse box which can be used for heated grips or lights if you wanted to change the plug on the lights, alternatively, the way they are Set up is set up to be wired to the battery, it has an in-line fuse which obviously protects the circuitry. The lights also have provision for tapping into a ‘switched’ line to ensure that when the ignition is off, the lights won’t be operable, in turn preventing battery drain. And vide versa, ignition on, light work. They ALSO have the ability to have a plug n play adapter to have low and hi beam. I can’t recommend these enough, makes such a difference. I also installed a LED headlight which also has made a massive difference to stock. Happy to catch up and give you a look!

Haven’t seen many guys add these to their bike. I was looking at the PIAA from Yamaha but for the same price and better quality (imo), I decided to go these.

Hope this helps.

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