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Riders thanks to Luck aka luckywilber he intro us to Seth Laam at Laam Custom Seats in Reding CA.

With that said I went to Seth website, and I liked the products and emailed him. Guess what? Seth just call me, chit chated as if we are buddies (to funny) and I'm hooked getting a more comfy but still sporty seat from him. Below is his email thread plus pictures of FZ09 seats he just finished.

"Hey Gerhard, Great speaking with you today. Attached you will find some photos of the FZ-09 I have only done a few of them due to it being a new model. Please let me know if you have any questions. Again these photos are only for reference, shape of seat will vary due to height weight and riding style. Thank you for your time Gerhard."

Well, I will get myself one with heat, thanks to the Minnesota weather after I return from holidays. BTW Seth mentioned that the turn around time is just a couple days.

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