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After some serious scrutineering I have run down a pretty good comparo between the outgoing and incoming bikes.


FZ-09 vs FZ8

  • Obviously, the new 3 Cylinder engine that pumps out 113bhp at 10,000rpm & 63lb-ft of torque at 8,500rpm. Compared to the FZ8 that made 105bhp at 10,000rpm and just 60lb-ft of torque at 8,000rpm.
  • Moto GP-inspired YCC-T Ride by Wire
  • Variable Throttle Mapping as selected on the fly by the rider
  • Variable-length Intake Funnels *New idea for Yamaha altogether
  • 50 lbs lighter
  • No Slipper Clutch a multiplate wet clutch instead
  • No ABS
  • Lighter price by $900
  • Handlebars are 53 mm taller, and 40 mm closer to the rider
  • Footpegs are 26 mm lower and 2 mm more rearward
  • Both of these result in a "more spacious" feel for the rider
  • Slightly lower compression of 11.5:1 instead of 12.00:1
  • Smaller brakes: Dual 298 mm rotors instead of the Dual 310 rotors on the outgoing bike
  • More front travel by .3 inches
  • Smaller fuel tank by almost a gallon
  • .2 inches less ground clearance
  • 1.8 inches wider overall

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For me, it's a no brainer that the FZ 09 is the better choice, especially when you look at cost, HP, and wet weight. As a bonus, the three cylinder sound should be just badass!


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