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Hello guys, I purchased a used 2018 MT09 about a month ago and I wanted share my experience. Backstory: I come from a dirtbike background but my street bike before this was a 2017 FZ10. I bought the MT09 with 12.7k miles on it, completely stock except an aftermarket exhaust (carbon fiber eBay special), and the andreani fork cartridges installed.
• Ktech suspension razor lite rear shock (spring rate for 250-300lbs). This shock made a HUGE difference along with adjusting the Andreani fork carriages to come close to my preferences. I live in south Dallas so I ride in an urban setting 95% of the time and the upgraded suspension was absolutely necessary for me. From the factory, the bike bounced a lot going over pretty much any bump, and there’s some large ones on the highways in Dallas. I weigh roughly 250lbs with my riding gear and lunchbox and the new suspension made the bike a lot more safe to ride through the city. I’m no longer riding a pogo stick around the city! Best upgrade by far.
• Removed the ugly pumpkin turn signals and installed the New Rage cycles LED front and rear turn signals as well as their fender eliminator kit with the tucked plate. Cleaned up the bike tremendously!
• MZS billet aluminum shorty levers (from Amazon). They look way better than the stock levers and feel better in the hand, maybe just my personal preference.
• Rhino moto bar ends- so I could install bar end mirrors.
• MZS bar end mirrors (off Amazon). These made seeing behind me possible. The stock mirrors only showed me the reflection of my shoulders. I’m 6’8” tall so maybe the stock mirrors work for other riders, but I couldn’t see a damn thing except myself. They are cheap mirrors but they’re holding up well and don’t vibrate enough to limit my view. Overall, great purchase in my opinion.
• K&N high performance air filter along with air box mod. I shortened the snorkel on the air box by trimming roughly 2.5-3inches. The air filter probably doesn’t make a huge difference over stock, but I wanted to put a new one in there since I bought the bike used.
• I’ve got new tires on the way, I chose the Michelin road 5’s. I had them on my FZ10 and I got great mileage and performance from them. I haven’t tried any other tire on a naked bike except the road 5’s but I’m perfectly satisfied so I don’t feel the need to try anything different just yet.
• Also waiting for my seat concepts tall comfort seat to come in the mail. The stock seat is pretty uncomfortable, my butt gets sore enough to force me to go home after 3hrs of riding (that’s with standing up at stop lights and a gas stop in the middle.)
I LOVE this bike. I ride it to and from work (55mile round trip) as well as riding for fun and it’s a great commuter bike. The lights work decent enough coming home from work @4am every morning. It doesn’t have a ton of power over 100mph but I don’t need it to. I had the FZ10 with all the power I could ask for and it was too much for every day commuting. I am a big dude, 6’8” and 250lbs with gear on and ergonomically the bike is pretty comfortable. I’ve had 2 ACL surgeries on one of my knees so being tucked up for long periods of time isn’t the most pleasant. This bike doesn’t bother my legs much at all. It’s a very comfortable ride with the upgraded suspension and I’m sure it’ll be even better when my tall memory foam seat comes in.

I just did an oil change at 13.5k miles. The previous owner had all the maintenance records from the Yamaha dealership and it was time for new oil and filter. I put in MOTUL 7100 4T 10w-40 along with a Yamaha oem filter. The bike shifts much smoother than before, and it seems to be running roughly 10-15 degrees cooler in the same temperature riding weather. It ranged from 93-99 degrees F when I ride to work in the afternoon for my night shift. The bike used to read 202*-220* cruising the highway at 85mph. Now the bike reads 190 for most of my commute. It sounds like it’s running smoother as well. I ran motul 7100 in my FZ10 as well so I thought I’d try it on the MT09 and I believe I made a good decision and I’ll stick with that oil every 3k mikes from here on out.
Enjoy these pics of the bike!
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