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SOLD!! Blazing Orange (and Black) Ermax Solo Seat Cowl for Sale $125


I am selling this beautiful lightly used Ermax seat cowl because my bum can't handle the stock seat. I'm going to invest in a Corbin. I like the look of this thing so much, I wish I was still 20 years old so I could handle riding with that stock seat! It is located in the SF bay area, California. New ones sell for ~$165.00 with this paint scheme.

There are 2 scratches worth mentioning, one of them was present when I received it, which I was not happy about. The other just happened as I removed it yesterday to get ready to sell it. They are both very small, one is in the clear coat on the black area and will like disappear with some compound, but I haven't tried. The other is in the orange and will likely not buff out, both are very tiny and not visible from 5+ feet away, imo where most people should be standing anyway (hands off my bike!) I'm pretty damn picky, so at least you know.

Pictures of the condition are attached. For the scratch on the right hand side in the black paint, there is a picture with and without flash. You can see with the flash it is visible and without it it disappears, like I said earlier I really think if it bothers you spend a few minutes rubbing on it if you want!

I prefer paypal, will include shipping at $125.00. PM offers please.


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