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I will eventually add bar end mirrors but for right now, the priority was getting hand guards mounted. The Rhinomoto bar ends aren't designed to have handgaurds attached to the end. I didn't want handguards that only attached in the middle of the handlebars; attaching just at the end was okay for my uses. The Rhinomoto has a small screw that could be used to attach the guards but it is a small screw and didn't look like it would survive a tipover let alone a small crash.

end state:

How I got there:

The bar ends have a plastic cap and when you remove it, you see the allen head socket for installing the mounts and the screw hole for attaching the plastic cap. The plastic cap would likely shatter and break the bolt in a crash. I wanted to use the M8 bolts that came with the Barkbusters.

So, what to do?

I put the bar ends in my lathe chuck, then drilled and tapped the hole for a M8x1.25 boilt.

there was just enough room to clear the allen socket.

I debated about removing the lip but since I also want these to serve as bar end sliders (in a sense) I decided to leave it alone for now. I used three M8 fender washers to fill in the space. I'll ride it like this for now but I suspect I'll remove that lip eventually.
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