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I'm having a slightly troubled day here with the Yamaha. Yesterday and today i seem to notice a 'noise'. Which goes away when i pull in the clutch, it's a 'drive' noise, not a clutch noise when stationary, i don't hear it at higher rpm, but that could be as much the fact the engine is then getting a bit more noise along with the exhaust. It's not quite a gearbox whine, but there's a background noise you hear more when letting off the throttle for example. I seem to recall it a few times before, but not this much or this long. From 3000-5000 is where you really notice something. If i listen it's more of a continuous 'wooosh' noise than it is a whine...
Stationary i get the usual noises of a clutch with clutch in and our, it's noisier with it out than when i pull the clutch in, but nothing that jumps out at me.

On startup i don't get any CCT type rattle/noises... So i don't think it's that.

If i pull in the clutch i don't get the noise continuing when riding, so i don't think it's a chain/drivetrain issue. I checked the chain tension yesterday though to be sure.

It's a 19 model XSR900 with 2100 miles on it, it's been used on track a bit but mostly on the road. It was serviced last week at Yamaha dealer who didn't mention anything

I've even added a pic just for entertainment
2021-07-15_02-10-03 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr
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